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Using Art to Communicate Climate Change - 2nd issues of the AP Mountain Courier on 'Youth and climate change' is out

We are pleased to inform you that we are covered in the special issue of Asia Pacific Mountain Courier on ‘Youth and Climate Change’ theme highlighting significance of use of ‘Art’ in communicating climate change messages. [Source:]
Page: 12-13

Sunday, June 12, 2011

नेपालको पहिलो साइन्स फिक्सन उपन्यास ‘जिरो कटेज’ विमोचित

Posted by: KaKhaRa Admin (12 June 2011, Sunday)

गत विहिबार एउटा फरक धारको उपन्यास ‘जिरो कटेज’को विमोचन भयो । कार्यक्रममा प्रा. डा. मोहनराज शर्मा प्रमुख अतिथि, प्रा. डा. गोविन्दराज भट्टराई विशिष्ट अतिथि, धीरकुमार श्रेष्ठ अतिथि हुनुहुन्थ्यो । उहाँहरु तिनैजनाले उपन्यासको बारेमा टिप्पणी गर्नभएको थियो । मोहनराज शर्माले साइबर जगत, त्यसमा प्रयोग हुने भाषा, पात्रपात्राहरुको जानकारी गराउनु भएको थियो । गोविन्दराज भट्टराईले यो नेपाली भाषामा प्रकाशित नौलो उपन्यास हो भन्नुभयो । साइबर सोधकर्ताहरूको लागि ‘जिरो कटेज’ माईलस्टोनका रूपमा रहने विचार उहाँले व्यक्त गर्नुभयो । धीरकुमार श्रेष्ठले किताबमा लेखिएको भुमिकाको चर्चा गर्नुभयो । मोहनराज शर्माले लेखेको भूमिका साहित्य जगत्मा नौलो भएको उहाँले बताउनु भयो । ठिक समयमा सुरु भएको कार्यक्रम सकिएपछि पनि अतिथिहरुको आगमन भइरहेको थियो ।

कखरा संस्थाको प्रकाशन शाखा ‘कखरा किताब’द्वारा प्रकाशित उपन्यासको मूल्य १५० रुपैंया रहेको छ । उपान्यास बजारमा उपल्वध छ ।

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KaKhaRa Green Art Camp 2011 in Print Media

KaKhaRa Green Art Camp 2011 in Print Media

When Learning and Enjoying Goes Together
(Original: Sikdai Ramaudai)
By: Netra Tamang, Nagarik-Junkiri (Saturday 15 January 2011) 1 Magh 2067

It is winter season. After the school are closed for the winter vacation many of us love to visit our home town or visit new places. Some of us like to develop soft skills by joining various institutions. We all tend to make our holidays interesting, happy in our own ways.

Renis and Sangam Shrestha, two brothers studying in grade three are having their winter vacation. In order to pass good time in their vacation they have come to KaKhaRa Green Art Camp. The camp has other 25 more students. Sangam is interested in sports. He is learning to dance in the camp. At the same time he is also engaged in painting with his brother Renis.

Renis says, “It is fun when playing goes together with learning. It is the first ever experience we brothers are sharing together in this camp.”

Renis and Sangam are happier to find new friends from other institution sharing same interests.

Another participant of the camp Sulav Shrestha from Daffodil Public School who studies in grade three says, “I have learned about global warming and climate change in the camp. I can easily answer any sort of question asked about these issues.”

While Sulav talked about climate change enthusiastically Sushant Shrestha and Sammujwal Pandey looked happy colouring their sketch on the same issue. Sushant says, “The ozone layer is getting thinner day by day. There have been many seasonal changes in the country like ours due to which it is suffering a great loss. Glaciers are melting and the climate is also being changed.”

Almost all of the participants of the camp are well-acquainted of the fact that the cause of the climate change process is green house gases which are produced by the industrial emission.

Though Nepal adds up less contribution in producing such gases in comparison to other leading industrialized countries like America, Japan, China and so on. It is no less affected by the problem of climate change. The world is likely to change into a desert area if the same practice continues.

“This problem can be solved.” says Sammujwal. By showing his painting Sammujwal insists, “We ought to use electric vehicle and travel in public transportation rather than private one. This can help a lot to reduce pollution.”

Sushila BC studies in Ratna Rajya School. She studies in grade eight. She is learning to dance and write stories in the camp. Similarly, Jharna Shrestha from Teresa Academy also learnt to write stories in the camp. Shristhi Sinha from Valley View School is more interested in dance and drama than story writing and painting.

Suman Pandey and Abhisek Awasti were finalizing the plot of their story entitled ‘Roots and Soil: A friendship’. They are trying to clarify the effects of deforestation through their story. Their story aims to bring out awareness of the preservation of nature, forest and land.

The camp is organized by KaKhaRa in collaboration with valley view School Kathmandu.

Children Knowing About Environment and Earth
(Original: Watawarn ra Prithivi Bujhdai Balbalika)
By: Annapurna Post, 27 Poush 2067, Tuesday

Bibek Chalise from Valley View School writes a story on robot. He studies in grade six. The robot of his story is a special one. The robot plays a role of spy and punishes the one who commits crime. This robot is powerful than the normal police who finds out those who contribute in degrading environment. He says, “The hero robot of my story helps to save environment.”

In the same way, Renis Shrestha, studying in class five wrote the story of a wild bear. The bear in his story is chased by human beings and it jumps into a well. The bear requests the human beings to take him out of the well. He also promises not to harm anybody after getting out of the well; he also asserts his right to live in the earth as a member of it. After listening to this the human being help him come out of the well. Finally, the bear safely returns back to the jungle, his living place.

Sushila BC of Ratna Rajya School has painted a picture in which she has tried to show how the environment is degrading day by day. Sushila, Renis and Bibek are the participants of the Green Art Camp organized by KaKhaRa. Including them there are altogether 40 participants in the camp.

Almost every participant is sure about enhancing their knowledge about environment through the camp. They are happy to express their creativity through art, literature, drama and painting in the camp.

Bibek says, “Green is the most important colour in the earth.” Sujana Shrestha who studies in Daffodil Public School happily says, “Camp is interesting. I have met many new friends in the camp.” Muna Bhattarai studying in Societal School in class five says, “Green art camp helped me a lot to know new things and to express it.”

Climate change has become a burning issue worldwide. The organizer looks forward to make the children aware of the issue through the camp. The art camp started from Thursday which includes the workshop on painting, crafts, creative writing, ballet dance and drama. The workshop is carried out by various experts on the related area. The camp allows every participants’ free expression.

The programme coordinator of KaKhaRa Mr. Tanka Chaulagian belives that the camp will be helpful to let the children know about the climate change and also will teach them how to fight the problem. The programme includes Sambida Rajbhandari, Nir Yakha Rai, Rambabu Regmi, Chudamani Phuyal, Tanka Chaulagain, Lisha Dangol as the resource person. Also, the climate change expert Abhishek Shrestha is going to visit the camp.

The organizer committee plans to organize the performance of the drama, ballet dance and exhibition of the stories and paintings prepared by the participants on the final day of the workshop. Every exhibited and performed art works are supposed to be based on the ‘environment’ as a theme. The camp continues to Poush 28, 2067.

What to do in vacation?
(Original: Bidama K Garne?)
By: Tanka Chaulagain, Kopila, Kantipur

Are you having your winter vacation? If yes, how are you planning to pass this vacation? Are you making good use of this long holiday? What kinds of stuff are you engaged with? Watching TV., playing video games are common amongst many of you. How about making this vacation enjoyable and productive together? Did you know drama performance, dance-coaching, painting classes, creative writing are some other stuffs which are really entertaining at the same time informing? Where and how to get these training courses?

There are many organisations and institutions laying platforms for such activities. Kakhara is an art –based organisation which organised the ‘Green Art Camp’. The camp was organised in Valley View School, Baneshwor. Many students from different schools participated in the programme. There are around 30 participants from Ratna Rajya School, Daffodil School, Kavya School, Cambridge School, Teresa academy, Societal Academy in the camp. These participants have learnt art and craft, creative writing, ballet dance and drama in the camp.

Abhishek Awasthi from Valley View School learnt story writing and performing drama in the camp. Sushila BC from Ratna Rajya School likes to dance. She also learnt how to write story in the camp. Prashant Budhathoki from Cambridge School likes to dance, to paint and to perform drama and to write stories.

The chairperson of CIWIN, Mr. Madhav Pradhan opines that children who are having their winter vacation most be encouraged to participate in different knowledge building programmes. Mr. Devraj Paneru, the principal of Valley View School encourages the young people to join the school and participate in the camp.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

KaKhaRa...the beginners

KaKhaRa is a non-governmental, non political and non-profit making art based organization established in 2010 A.D. through joint efforts and participation of fine artists, writers and media activists engaged in genuine creative activities in the field of fine art and mass media continuously since a long period.

KaKhaRa is a Nepali word which literally means beginning to learn something new. KaKhaRa therefore is keen to promote a learning environment through the medium of Fine Arts and Mass Media to help the children and youth of today to become more creative and lay a valuable hand to create a changed society.

We at KaKhaRa strongly believe that the different aspects of Fine Arts and Mass Media are a very effective means of communication for putting our ideas forth & a very powerful means for social transformation. Likewise, KaKhaRa has forwarded its activities that includes different medium of Fine Arts and Mass Media such as Literature, Painting, Theatre, Print, Music, Radio and Video documentaries, drama etc.

KaKhaRa basically works through its knowledge management, outreach and communication tools. It organizes child and youth based literary writings, acting, painting classes and workshops in different occasions. This also publishes child literature books and other publications such as art magazine, brochure, poster, booklet etc., prepares and produces drama, film,
documentary, docudrma and organizes art campaigns and exhibitions based on contemporary issues and events.

If necessary, KaKhaRa will collaborate with other helping organizations and partners to promote its initiatives.
KaKhaRa is focused mainly towards addressing the key issues relating to:

• Rights of Children and Youth

• Biodiversity and Environment Conservation
• Health and Education
• Conflict and Peace Building

Most importantly, we use creative tools to portray these issues and facilitate communication among children and youth to simply communicate the informational and meaningful messages. By listening to their problems and obstacles they are confronted which is the most effective strategy for helping them to improve their own lives.

Aims to
The main objective of KaKhaRa is to make the children and youth aware of the medium of Fine Arts and Mass Media so that they can use these mediums to effectively convey their ideas in an effort to address different issues of the society, nation and the world. We believe that these tools are not only for entertainment but also a right medium for social transformation and conveying information.

Therefore, KaKhaRa will also extend its scope of work towards the wellbeing of communities at risk by conveying their issues to the society with the help of fine arts and mass media.
As now that a concept of ‘New Nepal’ has been developing, KaKhaRa respects the same and is committed to make this concept a reality and a success by increasing political awareness amongst the children and Youth growing and motivate them to actively participate through their creative activities.

KaKhaRa Initiatives

Art for all
KaKhaRa conducts various trainings and workshops on Fine Arts and Mass Media for the children, youth, and the communities who are at risk focusing on developing their ability in the related subjects and increasing their interest towards the same. In this respect, KaKhaRa has already organized various workshops on Fine Arts,Theatre productions and personality development for school students and Youth.

Youth for the Nation
Children and youth are the building blocks for building the future of nation. KaKhaRa is committed to motivate and guide those children and youth through its various activities targeted especially towards providing them a medium to express themselves and become more creative. For the youths, such activities will also focus on grabbing their attention towards the social issues and motivating them towards becoming active towards addressing them and also towards the peace building process which is a much prioritized issue in the present context.

We strongly believe that creative activities of children and youth who have participated in such programs play vital role in the progress of a nation. Many children have been keenly devoted to theatre (performing art), painting, music and other creative activities after the completion of such trainings.

Artistic and Historical Archive
Nepalese art realm has got many excellent and valuable, prolific artists. Some have got right place and opportunities to expose their genius, while the creative potentialities of many other artists have been confined within themselves only, or rather they are overshadowed. KaKhaRa believes that such artists are to be given due opportunities, respect and encouragement.

Therefore, KaKhaRa is working on to bring such talents and their works in front of the society in an initiative to construct identity of such artists. Regarding this, KaKhaRa has an initiative to publish the biography based on literatures and produce films based on the real life of such artists. This initiative of KaKhaRa is dedicated towards adding up to a glorious history of fine art that Nepal already has.